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VIPCO@Work offers employers tax savings and a healthier culture.

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Maintain your current take home pay while increasing supplemental benefit coverage and a healthier lifestyle.

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Create healthier lifestyles to improve overall wellness through personalized wellness programs.

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Use an online risk assessment to focus on your personal wellness.

why the VIPCO@Work Payroll Tax Reduction System?

VIPCO Advisors, Inc. (“VIPCO”) has developed a new employee benefit program called VIPCO@Work. Unlike other programs, it reduces payroll taxes for the employer and, at the same time, increases employee benefits. And best of all, there's no change to employee take home pay!

  • Choice of what insurance to buy based on their needs
  • Choice to participate in a participation based wellness program
  • Choice of additional benefits for employees

There is no other choice where your benefits can increase, take home pay will not decrease, and employers can save money necessary to grow their business!

why the VIPCO@Work Payroll Tax Reduction System Now?

Employers are looking for cost savings to offset increased expenses and stimulate growth in this environment of regulation and financial turmoil.

  • Huge cost shifting to employees is now at a critical tipping point.
  • Medically related bankruptcies are rising at an alarming pace, even when covered by major medical plans.
  • Health Insurance alone is not getting the job done!
  • Wellness is the right thing to do!

How the VIPCO@Work Payroll Tax Reduction System Works

The employer defines the contribution plan in which the employee chooses their options. Once the options are selected, the participating employee contributes monthly to their plan. These contributions are pre-tax and excluded from taxable income. The employee and employer both benefit from payroll tax obligations. The employee receives the chosen benefit in the form of wellness incentives and supplemental benefits.

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Employer Benefits

Employers can save on payroll taxes, while the employee increases supplemental coverage, with almost no change in pay. Our solutions greatly benefit the employer as well as the employee, resulting in the ultimate win - win scenario.
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Employee Benefits

Personalize your payroll tax reduction program using our online, interactive coaching to get the greatest amount of supplemental coverage with practically no additional out of pocket expense. Your options, your choices, your savings.
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Payroll Tax Reduction

For almost 50 years, employers have utilized health insurance programs and deferred compensation programs to reduce payroll taxes and free up dollars for employees. Our wellness program combines those principles with the latest.....
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VIPCO@Work Mission

The primary focus at VIPCO Advisors is to help the American family get into a better, stronger financial situation by utilizing affordable world class financial & cost reduction services implemented through honesty and integrity.
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VIPCO is a “Global Leader in Cost Reduction, Procurement, Financial, and Business Growth Services” providing solutions that reduces costs for its clients by utilizing Benefits Optimization, Payroll Tax Reduction, Procurement Outsourcing and other Best Practices.

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VIPCO offers so many more business solutions for businesses and individuals. For example; we provide our VIPCO@Work Payroll Tax Reduction System, Insurance Services, Business Consulting Services, Commercial Lending Options, Financial Services as well as Cost Reduction and Procurement Solutions and much more. Click Here to Learn More »

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